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Better than it looks in the picture, shipping quality number ten


I got two great ones. And those who hear the price I get can't believe it. Definitely take it without thinking

Apex Puff Anatolia 32743 0 x 0 cm

Would definitely recommend ...

I was very worried for the first time I was buying carpets from the internet but it was better than I expected.


The packaging and transport was great. The prices are also very reasonable. After that, I will definitely continue shopping ..


Everything from packaging, delivery speed, product model was perfect. Thank you ..

Bundandam is my next single carpet purchase adres

I love my product, I love it, came to my address very carefully. Better than picture. Hope to see you next time, respects ...

I bought it in my kitchen. I am very pleased. The pattern is great. However, when I wash, the fence writes that it is different, but it is not clear. I'm opening up.

I've done a lot of shopping from you, I'm very pleased with it all.

Apex Lumina 3801 Decorative Carpet - Kitchen Rug - Runner

5902 Decorative Carpet - Kitchen Rug

I've enjoyed the product just fine.

Apex Vintage Red 12384 94 x 197 cm
Vintage carpet

High quality . Many professionals from packaging to communications. I am very pleased with my shopping.

Antique 9505

Thank you for fast delivery. I had my product the next day. My eyes all over my carpet. It also made me happy because it was quite easy to clean and maintain.

Good quality and super

rasputin carpet mink gray and brown shades of furniture I bought perfectly fit. The feathers are bright and very short, quality and modern stands. allergy problem for those who say I will do but will pass over time. it didn't cause me any trouble.

Apex Vintage Retro 13251 122 x 217 cm

Apex Vintage Carpet Retro 13251 122 x 217 cm

Apex Vintage Turquoise 28898 194 x 304 cm

I had the most beautiful pieces that could be taken in this style, and I was very satisfied.

Apex Patchwork Carpet Blue 24840 193 x 283 cm

I like the carpet, thank you

Apex Vintage Turquoise 19235 196 x 296 cm

The vintage carpets, which have a modern style, are all very different from each other. Communication with customers is very nice

Apex Vintage Black 28329 200 x 300 cm

Apex carpet company staff and carpets I was very satisfied ... Thank you

Apex Apricot 5906 Decorative Carpet - Kitchen Rug - Runner
Apricot series great ♥ harika 5906

Apricot I bought my kitchen to be washable as well as simple and I get marginal, get good quality I was looking at the quality of the apex in front of the carpet fell before me even if I was so much that I wanted to have left a small amount I wanted. The moment I got upset with my uneasiness was a great carpet. She asks about my carpet every time I come to my house. What slips is what is slipping. Thanks apex işi you know this job.

A very high quality product, maybe a little thicker, but the texture is very nice

Quality Available

Fast delivery of a site where you can get your money

Flying carpet

The product color, appearance, stance is spectacular but incredibly slippery, razor-sharp. If you're going to put it in a place you've been going through all the time

Apex Apricot 5902 Decorative Carpet - Kitchen Rug - Runner