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Much more scrumptious carpet than I expected.

Apex Himalaya 8801 Machine Carpet

Quality product

I chose it because of the feature does not remove the pile. I found a quality that was above what I expected. The colors are very vivid, the carpet thickness is no different from classical carpets. Company that gives importance to customer relations. I would recommend.

I have also used the products I've been using before I bought kitchen rugs. Thanks


My order came exactly as I saw it in the photo. Cargo arrived smoothly and in a short time. I'm pleased, I'm checking in for my new purchase. Thank you very, very much.

Cornelia 9261

Super very liked

Express Epic 4802 Mustard Decorative Carpet

Vivid as in the same photo

I took two small sizes of the same product before and was very liked. They became a very nice duo with Karabag puffum.

Everybody likes it

Everybody likes it

Express Cornelia 9231 Anthracite Decorative Carpet

I love it so much better than I expected

Apex Fresh 4601 Decorative Carpet - Kitchen Rug - Runner

Express Natura Kids 8032 Ecru 120X180 Decorative Carpet

Gorgeous attention and high quality

It gives the firm confidence with relevant and super fast behavior. you can buy in case of need due to the high quality service attitudes of the product ...

products of unparalleled quality ... those who see where we get the most admired asking ... you can get without thinking

very stylish

came with reasonable price high quality and gorgeous elegance ... many thanks

Gorgeous attention and high quality

fast delivery, super attention and unrivaled quality ... the only address for tumbled carpets ... I would recommend and if you want a sample of products you will not find anyone ...

Gorgeous attention and high quality

company officials who always reach and provide information made the delivery quickly. Good quality affordable product came and likes those who come to our house. thanks

A quality

I am pleased that the color and pattern were as good as in the photo.

Inconsistency with regard to cleanliness

When I received the product, I was told that it could be washed in the machine, but when I received the product, I noticed that it was not washed. When I forwarded the situation to the company I did not get an answer.

Apex Vintage Green 28248 141 x 200 cm

I'm pleased with the runners thank you


I couldn't use it but I was moving but I expected a very nice and high quality 😍