Carpet Dimensions

carpet sizes

How to Measure Carpet?

Measure the total width and length of your rooms before starting the carpet shopping. In addition, take the base dimensions of the important functional parts such as dining table, bed, sofa, middle table, etc. Furniture placement and traffic flow into a simple paper (where to go to the room, where to eat) Draw a floor plan showing. This will make your work very easy when deciding on carpet sizes.

Carpet dimensions

After taking the dimensions of your room, you should decide how the carpet will be placed in the room.

  • Should carpet be under the seats?
  • Is it a smaller size carpet to show more of your parquets?
  • Should the carpet spread out when the dining table chairs were pulled?
  • How much clearance should be left on the sides of the carpet that will be laid on the doorway and runners?

After answering these questions, you can decide on your carpet size. Due to the production techniques and the ongoing habits, you can usually find standard carpet sizes in stores.

Please note the current dimensions of the alternative carpet models you like. If you do not have a chance to see the carpet before buying, place a simple table cloth or pieces of newspaper on the floor. This will help you to decide between alternative sizes.

Living Room and Living Room

Living rooms and lounges are the most lived living spaces at home. When choosing carpets in these areas, you can benefit from the following scaled settlements. 140x200 is 160X230. 120x180 and 200x300 sizes are also preferred.

Hall carpet 6 square meter
Hall carpet 4 square meter.

Dinner table

In the dining room - in the area where the dining table is located in the halls - usually under the dining table, a carpet suitable for the size of the table is preferred. The point that should be considered here is that the chairs around the table do not extend out of the carpet in the sitting position. The size of the carpet can be determined by the addition of transverse and longitudinal 30-40 cm.

For example;

  • 4x6 carpets are available for the 90-160 table with 160x230 dimensions (if the area is small, it can be in 140x200)
  • 6x8 carpets for 100x200 table size 160-230 are preferred.
  • 8x12 carpets for 100x230 table size 200-300 are preferred.
dining table carpet
round dining table carpet


In the bedrooms, the most common carpet sizes are shown in the following diagrams. In our country, usually two short carpets (80x150, 70x130) are placed on the two sides of the bed and a long runner (80x300, 80x250) is placed on the bedside. Although not very common, another form of use is to place a large carpet (160x230) on the bedside of the bed, under the bed.

bedroom carpet set
Bedroom with big carpet.


The size of the kitchen in the kitchen depends on the shape of the kitchen and how much you want to cover the floor, as is the case in other places. You can also use a carpet of 80x250, 80x300, 100x200 under this table if the dining table is located in the kitchen.

Corridor / Stairs

In the long corridors, 70-80-100 cm widths can be preferred for 200-300 cm lengths. , 80x100, 120x120 sizes are preferred.

Tips for Carpet Measurement

  • Measuring the area in which the carpet will be used twice will eliminate errors.
  • Determine whether the seat is under the seats and how much you want to float from the furniture, such as a dining table or bed.
  • A custom measure will reduce your color and model options.
  • Finally, before you buy the carpet, you can place the same size of newspaper sheets on the carpet and get an idea of ​​the size of the carpet.

How is the square meter calculated?

The width and width of a carpet are multiplied and the actual square meter is calculated. Popular sizes;

  • 80 x 150 = 1.2 m2
  • 80 x 200 = 1.6 m2
  • 80 x 300 = 2.4 m2
  • 120 x 180 = 2.16 m2
  • 160 x 230 = 3.68 m2
  • 170 x 240 = 4.08 m2
  • 190 x 280 = 5.32 m2
  • 200 x 300 = 6 m2

4 Square Carpet Carpet Dimensions

Technically Width x Height = Carpet Square Meters can be formulated with.

The dimensions below are all described as approx. 4 square meters.

  • 150x230 = 3.45 m2
  • 160x230 = 3.68 m2
  • 170x240 = 4.08 m2

This size is a measure of maximum color and a büyüklüktü tutarlar.çünk physical and carpet shops can be found in this measure of stock 4 mxnumx pattern varieties most widely used and sold.

6 Carpet size

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