Carpet Types

We have a carpet, we have a carpet, we hear you say. We really have a lot of use, from the area of ​​weaving, there are many types of carpets.

In our comprehensive carpet purchasing guide you can find different types, patterns, materials, weaving patterns and more with photo samples.

carpet types

A. Carpet types according to usage area

Carpets are available in a wide variety of types. I will examine the different types of carpets available, depending on the use of the carpet.

Living Room Carpet

hall carpetFirst carpet hall carpet Different civilizations in the world have woven beautiful and magnificent saloon carpets over the years. The oldest carpet found was the 5 of BC. century

Runner Carpet

runner carpet Runner Carpet , As the name suggests, the corridor is used in areas such as the entree and the kitchen. They are available in different lengths and in different widths.


door mat Front door mats are available in many styles and are usually touched by hard fibers. They allow home entrants to clean their feet before entering.

Balcony Carpets

Balcony Carpet In fact, we use a more accurate expression of outdoor carpets. These carpets are usually terrace, balcony and rug Used as

Children's Rugs

children's rugChildren's Rugs Unlike other carpets, they must have some health conditions and be resistant to stains.

Bathroom carpet

bathroom carpet Bathroom carpetThey are carpets which must be in continuous contact with water and must be non-slip.

Kitchen carpet

carpets Kitchen carpetTo be used in kitchens, the most intense living space of the houses should be stain-resistant, non-slip and washable.

Bedroom Carpet

bedroom rug Bedroom carpet, In the bedrooms, which are the center of comfort, they should offer a soft texture and comfortable usage.

B. Carpet Types according to Production Types

Carpet, in the past, only handmade carpet.

Machine Carpet

Machine CarpetCarpetingis a computer-controlled weaving machine. Different yarn and weaving frequencies are used. The city of Gaziantep is the most important production point of the machine.

Hand Woven Carpet

hand woven carpet Hand-woven carpetOn a wooden pulley, strands stretched by knots on the strands.

Printed carpet

Flat woven on a thick fabric or transfer method is transferred directly to the pattern. is laminated as a fabric base.

Tufting Carpet

tufting carpet With a special pistol on a stretched fabric acrylic or wool threads are used.If a paper template is used it will be used.It is used for special production and project carpets.

C. Carpet Types according to Textures

Plush Carpet

plush carpetPlush carpetIt is formed by laminating the base fabric to the bottom of a fabric that is weaved on one side and the other on the other side long.

Shaggy Carpet

shaggy carpet Shaggy carpetMachine or hand-woven, long yarn weaved on the hairy carpets. Maintenance and cleaning is relatively difficult.

Patchwork Carpet

patchwork carpet modelsPatchwork carpetThe patchwork carpets made of old hand woven Turkish carpets are known all over the world.

Leather Carpet

leather carpet Leather carpetIf you want to take care of your skin, you need to take care of the use of leather leathers.

D. Carpet Types According to Shapes

All these types of carpets and different production styles, as well as carpet can be provided in different ways. Depending on your needs and style, the shape of the carpet may be important to you. More than half of the carpets currently used are rectangular.


rectangular carpetIt is the most preferred classical carpet form. Generally it has 1 / 2 and 2 / 3 ratios.

Round Carpet

round Round carpetIt is difficult to adapt the pattern and carpet in many carpets.

Runner Carpet

Runner Carpet , As the name suggests, the corridor is used in areas such as the entree and the kitchen. They are available in different lengths and in different widths.

Oval Carpet

oval Oval carpetThe sharp edges of the rectangular carpets are softened and the aesthetic appearance of the carpet is increased.

E. Carpet Types According to Styles

For most consumers, the carpet style to be chosen will be the most important consideration when buying carpets. Depending on the style of a carpet, it can blend seamlessly with other decor pieces in your home.

Modern Style

modern carpet Modernism, 19. It is a popular style at the end of the century and is very popular today. Modernism rejects the ideas of more traditional styles such as Neo Classical. Modern carpets, It is characterized by simple designs designed to fit perfectly with other modern parts at home.

Classic Style

classic carpet Classic carpetsIncludes design motifs, such as flowers or medallions. These carpets usually have blue - burgundy floors and have a rich stance. These carpets first appeared in Iran.

Vintage Style

vintage carpet Vintage carpet, Woven hand-woven carpets between 1920 -1980 are obtained by performing processes such as aging, bleaching and dyeing. Besides soft and neon colors, soft colors such as light blue and water green are available.

Coastal Style

koastal carpet Inspired by the beauty of the sea özellikleCoastal style decoration is especially suitable for summer houses.Mavi and white are the basic colors used.

Country Style

country decoration carpet Country Decoration; it emphasizes rural life, farm life and hence nature. Therefore country decoration plenty of wood, flowers and details about nature are used. Tumbled furniture and pastel colored carpets are very suitable for this style.

Retro Style

retro carpet Retro style is inspired by the 1960 and 1970 era. The carpets that have woven colors and patterns woven in this period have more pastel tones by shaving.

Eclectic Style

eclectic carpet Eclectic style pieces of different periods and styles are used together in harmony. For example, a classic Persian carpet is combined with a modern sofa set.

Mid-Century Style

mid century carpet 1950'da emerged in Scandinavia, minamilist modernism can be defined as the style of decoration.

F. Carpet Types According to Yarn Types

The material from which a carpet is produced can have a striking effect on the appearance, quality, durability and texture of the carpet.

Wool Carpet

wool carpetWool carpetThey are produced by hand weaving or machine weaving. Carpet is the most used in the past in the weaving of carpets. Carpets have a natural and soft texture. Prices are high.

Acrylic Carpet

acrylic carpet Acrylic Carpetis a synthetic fiber which is very similar to wool. It is the most used artificial fiber in carpet weaving. Acrylic carpet prices are economical.

Polyamide Carpet

polyamide carpet Polyamide is known for its durability and vivid colors. It is especially used for wall to wall and tile carpets.

Cotton Carpet

Cotton carpetis known for its water absorbency and natural texture.

Bamboo Carpet

bamboo carpetBamboo carpetRecently, bamboo fiber is very ecological and sustainable. Carpets woven from bamboo yarn are known for its soft texture and brilliance.

Silk carpet

silk carpet They are carpets woven from natural silk fibers. They have a natural brightness. Its use is laborious and the prices are quite high.

Silk Carpet

silk carpet They are carpets woven from natural silk fibers. They have a natural brightness. Its use is laborious and the prices are quite high.

Polyester Carpet

polyester carpet Different twist and dyeing techniques in the carpet industry has opened a breakthrough.

According to G. Motif Carpet Types

The pattern is an important factor to help determine the carpet that is best for you. The pattern of a carpet is a great way to express your personality or emphasize the style of a room. Below you can take a look at the different types of popular carpet models.

Geometric Carpet

geometric carpetGeometric patterns and sharp color transitions are used in these carpets.

Oriental Carpet

oriental carpet Medallions, borders and floral motifs are used. Colors are soft, pastel and color transitions. Oriental patterns are found in classical and retro carpets.

Flower Carpet

flowered carpet Colorful floral motifs are used on a light or dark background. The colors are alive.

Flat Carpet

In the decoration, if the carpet is not to be in the foreground, it is preferable to have plain and uneven carpets.

Abstract Carpet

abstract carpetThey do not have a certain symmetry and clear motifs.

Striped carpet

striped carpet It is made up of two colors, the lines are sometimes equal and sometimes they can be different colors sometimes.

Ikat Carpet

ikat carpet Central Asia is a traditional yarn dyeing and weaving fabric. Its motives are distinctive and characterized. These motifs have recently been used in carpets.

Zig Zag Carpet

zig zag carpet Also known as Chevron, 80 is a fashion that is fashionable in clothing in the years. It is usually applied in two colors.

G. Kilim Types

We tried to classify the carpets currently available on the market. However, hand-woven carpets and kilims have a deep past and have touched in different geographies.

Rug Carpet

rug carpetTürk rugs, The rugs woven in many different places of Anatolia.

Karabag Kilim

carabiner rug Karabağ rugs; It was woven with colorful floral motifs on the dark ground and was generally used as a tapestry.

Anchor Rugs

rug Rug Rugsare colored rugs woven from recycled materials and have a general light color background.

Kilim Kilim

Kendir Rug Kendir Rug, It is one of the oldest plants in the world. It is woven with the fibers of the hemp plant.

I. Additional Features

After deciding on the type, material, style and pattern of a carpet, let us take a closer look at the additional special features the carpet can have.

Non-Slip Base

non slip carpetGel based carpetAlso known as non-slip carpets, this feature is provided by applications such as latex made to the base of the carpet after production.


antibacterial carpet Antibacterial Carpet ; chemicals that prevent the formation of microorganisms are produced by spraying or injecting the carpet onto the surface of the carpet.Children's Rugs ve baby room rugs is a particularly sought-after feature.

Floor Heating

floor heating carpet use Each carpet may not be suitable for floors with underfloor heating. If the floor is heated by floor heating, it should be confirmed whether it is suitable for underfloor heating without taking the carpet.


Outdoor carpets are designed to be heavy-duty and weather-resistant. You will find these carpets on terraces and terraces.

G. Carpet Yarns

When you get inside a carpet shop, you will first hear the words Acrylic, Polyester etc. In the table below, we will compare the types of yarn materials you will see frequently on carpet labels. Carpets are either natural or synthetic materials. Natural and artificial yarns have separate advantages.
Material Tour Fiyat Features
Acrylic Synthetic Orta Appearance and texture of wool takes a lot of color in the OR are used very benzer.türkiye. It dries quickly. It is resistant to stains.
Bamboo Natural High It is a sustainable yarn which is popular recently.
Chenille Natural or synthetic Orta Thick yarn in soft velvety texture ideal for bathrooms and bedrooms.Shaggy carpets offer a decorative appearance.
Cotton Natural Orta It is water repellent and can be painted in rich colors. Sometimes combined with wool. Comfortable for bedrooms and bathrooms. Natural, soft.
polyamide Synthetic High
Resistant to abrasion, staining.
It protects the color well and is easy to clean.
Polypropylene Synthetic Appropriate It is painted to the desired color when it is in liquid state. It is highly resistant and stain resistant. Easy to clean. Texture close to the wool.
Polyester Synthetic Orta Bright and vibrant texture. Resistant to fading and staining. Can make heavy furniture and erase trace.
Viscous Semi-synthetic High Silk counterpart. It is made with wood pulp using chemical processes. Breathable like cotton.
Wool Natural High Top quality natural carpet fibers are considered. It is known for its long life, durability and softness. It has a strong odor in its skin.

In our article, we tried to give information about the types of carpets and prices that are currently on the market.

Different colors and patterns to see other carpet models If you are not sure about the size of the carpet you will be receiving carpet sizes You can read our guide.