Vintage Carpets

Hand-woven Vintage carpets are unique and each product has one. After selecting the appropriate size from the following categories you can filter by color and pattern.

Vintage Carpet

The vintage term has recently been mentioned in every area of ​​fashion. Vintage filters are the most popular effects on social media platforms such asInstagram. also took its place.

Vintage, vintage vintage vintage, belonging to the past rare and unique objects are used.Vintage products are not considered antiquated. world war, that is to be before the period of mass production. In contrast to the known only products of the years 1-60'den vintage products are not said. . 70 and 1930 between the years produced and produced a product that reflects the spirit of my period can be described as vintage. century was used by collectors.

What is Vintage Carpet? How is it done?

As known, hand-made carpets have been woven all over Anatolia in the past. Some motifs belong to a region, but many carpets improvised patterns. Many people in the carpet have a signature or a name. Carpet and kilim weaving was not only a source of income for the people of that period but also a kind of therapy.

Carpet weaving has started to increase in Anatolia since the foundation of the Republic. Especially in the 1950 years, Sümerbank has experienced the golden age of hand-woven carpet with the carpet weaving factory established in Isparta. Hundreds of thousands of carpets have been woven in this period. it is produced.

In the 1980s, the speed of rural and urban handicrafting and the woven of hand-woven carpets have decreased considerably. The literacy rate has increased and the literacy rate has increased.

Developing fashion and industrialization has shown itself in the field of decoration as it is in every field. carpets could not be evaluated.

As of 2010, Apex old woven hand woven carpets from all over Anatolia and metropolitan cities. These carpets, shaving, washing, dust cabinet, sunbathing, bleaching and painting have been subjected to processing such as new identity has begun. Thus, vintage carpet models have emerged. every carpet needs to be subjected to this transformation. Many factors such as condition, weaving, and the yarns used in weaving are needed. The carpets, which have long hair on the surface, are both lightened and the cream colored cotton warps are becoming more pronounced and a natural weathering air is obtained.

The carpets, which are painted with colors according to current and decoration style, take their place in the houses with their experiences and stories. However, the carpets are painted in popular colors such as gray, turquoise ice blue and water green. You can also find neon colors such as fuchsia, green and pink.

Damaged carpets which can not be repaired from vintage carpets can be cut and combined with hand stitching. patchwork carpets Also vintage carpets are more colorful models produced during 1960 and 1970 years. Retro carpet Vintage carpets, country, eclectic, modern and retro decoration styles can be used in the spaces decorated. As long as the harmony of color and pattern is provided in all spaces will stand stylish.Vintage carpets are old and dirt does not show dirt and dust. These features are also suitable for use in offices.

There is also a false impression about the prices of vintage carpets. Especially our customers think that these carpets should be very affordable because they are already old. But the prices are quite suitable compared to the new hand woven imported carpets.Apex carpet has a wide range of vintage carpets.

Handmade carpets, which are woven in many regions of Anatolia during 60 and 70, which are called Mid-century in the architecture and design, come to life with their new faces again. paints in modern houses are ready to take their place.

If you want to keep this fashion in your home, Vintage carpet you can choose the appropriate color from our collection.

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