Plush Carpet

Plush Carpet

Plush is usually made of acrylic or polyester yarn, the front face is very long hair, soft and bright fabric.

Plush carpets are usually used in bedrooms, children's rooms and bathrooms for decorative purposes. Plush carpets are usually solid in color. Some models have a zebra pattern. pink and fuchsia.

Plush carpets with soft texture are available in large sizes in the form of cut-to-size carpets, but also in the form of flat carpets. it is size.

How to clean the plush carpet? Does it spill?

These carpets are very useful as long as they are properly maintained and cleaned.
Plush carpets with a long plumage image of the most curious about the topic, the carpet after washing can protect the form of the form. After washing and drying, combing the feathers with a brush will restore your old form.

Apex plush carpets do not spill into an irritating degree. However, as in all carpets, a small amount of hair can be shed in the first few months of the process.
The weight and the weight of the rug and carpet are determined by the quality of the plush carpet. The prices of plush carpets on our site vary depending on these factors and the size of the carpet.
You can buy the plush carpet in the colors and sizes you like from our online sales site.

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