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Patchwork carpet

Patchwork (Peçvörk), the first examples of BC. In the 100 years, it is the name given to the fabric joining technique known as the ill Kırkyama son in Anatolia.

What is Patchwork Carpet? How is it done?

old hand-woven patchwork carpets rastlansa in these quite nadirdir.ticar as xnumx'l In the early leather patchwork rugs made in başlanmıştır.ilerle years in Anatolia, in order to re-evaluate the Isparta hand-woven carpets in Turkey from different parts of the first aging patchwork carpets başlanmıştır.anadol to be made Collected Isparta carpets are stored in powder cabinets and then washed. After being washed, the carpets are shaved on the carpet, used in the warp of the rope used in the tufted cotton yarn. So different orataya patchwork carpet models Our patchwork carpets are painted in different colors. Our natural colored patchwork carpets are their original colors.

The patchwork hand-woven carpets which are popular in a short period of time, exceed the limits and become fashionable all over the world.

Hand-woven, hand-woven patchwork carpet prices The patchwork carpet models produced with printed and printed fabrics have more favorable prices.

Patchwork carpet models are available in popular sizes such as 4 square meters and 6 square meters, and they are available in sizes for runners and bedrooms. Neon colors such as purple, purple are very stylish. For the eclectic decoration style where old and new are used together, plain vintage carpets will be more suitable.

Patcwork carpets are cut and untangled Vintage carpet is called.Vintage carpets more geometric and rare patterned carpets under the retro carpet collections can be found under.

How to wash a patchwork carpet?

El woven hand knitted original patchwork carpets should be washed by the handmade rug. Else hand stitches may be damaged. Daily cleaning is done by sweeping the carpets as normal carpets. It would be better to use patchwork carpets instead of patchwork carpets with original hand stitching.
If your carpet is worn over time with deformation or seams, only the original patchwork carpet can be repaired.

All of the carpets in our Patchwork collection are hand-woven and their sewing and finishing is done by hand. Patchwork carpet models and prices you can see from our products below. Patchwork Carpets You can read our article. patchwork carpets

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