Leather Carpet

Leather Carpets

Leather Carpet
Since the real leather in the decoration creates a heavy and prestigious air, it was used in office furniture in the previous years. Today we see leather upholstered furniture, leather rugs and accessories made of leather in the houses.

A true calf skin is used as a carpet for decoration. It is based on 1960. In this golden age of Scandinavian furniture, tanned feathered cowhide skins were used as carpets under furniture. At the beginning of the 2000s, patchwork leather rugs were produced by combining small pieces of leather. leather carpet models has been obtained.

Leather carpets are mostly used in the halls. Especially in the industrial style of wood, raw iron or marble decorated places in a very stylish place. One of the places where these carpets are frequently used in reading and study rooms. Carpet is one of the most difficult areas to find office space. Thin texture and prestigious appearance of leather carpets can be used in offices.

There are usually two basic questions in the minds of consumers who want to buy a real leather rug, whether patchwork or flat. These problems are completely related to the process of processing of the skin. leather carpets are tanned with herbal tannins. These problems do not exist. You should pay attention to the carpet maintenance and cleaning instructions.

How is the leather carpet cleaned?

The most important point separating these carpets from other carpets is the cleanliness of the carpets. The carpet should not be washed. Natural leather will harden in a short period of time and will lose its softness. In case of tea or coffee stains in the case of a detergent with a damp cloth in the use of the pad can be absorbed on a napkin. and dried without using a heat source.

The process from real skin to carpeting is quite discreet. Therefore Leather Carpet Prices When the leather rugs are used according to the maintenance instructions, they are very long life like all natural products. You can have the products in our leather carpet collection which you have seen above with the guarantee of Apex under the most favorable conditions.

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