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Kitchen rugs

Kitchen carpets are one of the areas that have the most attention when choosing the carpet. kitchen rug models and aesthetics, it is also important to be useful.

How should the kitchen carpet be?

The carpet to be selected for the kitchen, washable, Non-slip based It can be easily cleaned and stain-repellent, because it can be easily cleaned thin kitchen rugs are preferred more. carpet model The use of anti-slip gel-based carpets in the kitchen will also prevent potential accidents.

80x200 or 80x300 cm sizes in long and thin kitchens, depending on the plan of the kitchen kitchen runners In kitchens with a larger living area and larger seating, the 2 m2 or 4 m2 Carpets are usually used under the table. These carpets are generally used under the table. The most suitable sizes are 4x120 or 180x160cm sizes for a table under the table 230. , only a kitchen mat in front of the kitchen sink.

When choosing the color of the carpet to be used in the kitchen, the kitchen cabinets and the color of the floor color should be chosen. If you have a rustic decoration in your kitchen, you can use hand woven rugs. rugs used more.

Kitchen Carpets Prices In recent years, with increasing demand, the kitchen rugs have reached quite reasonable levels and the kitchen carpet models have been diversified thanks to the newly developed weaving and printing techniques.
Many of the models you see in our collection are runners, 2 square meters, 4 square meter ve 6 square meter Available in sizes.

According to the shape of your kitchen you can see the appropriate size in the product details.

Kitchen Carpet Decoration Examples

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