Hand Woven Rugs

Hand Woven Carpet

Hand made carpet in many geographies, the first craft and natural yarns such as wool come to mind. In Turkish culture, hand-woven carpets and rugs have a wide range.

Hand Woven Carpet How?

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Nowadays, although different techniques are used, classical hand-made carpets are woven in the looms. The carpet is made of beech wood, the lower part is a pulley that can play the upper part of the floor. The top of the table is made of wool or cotton ropes that are stretched tightly from top to bottom. A thread is placed between the yarns, leaving one thread on the other and the other one passing through the warp. The warp yarns are called a weft. A large colored pattern paper is used for the process. The more the width of the width of the carpet to be touched, the more difficult the process of weaving.

It determines the quality of a hand woven rug, the yarn materials used and the frequency of weaving. Cotton is used because it is generally flexible for the stitching. Materials such as wool, silk and bamboo are used today. The frequency of weaving is the number of stitches per cm2 of carpet. The more the more the number of the texture of the carpet is so soft. The frequency of reading is equivalent to the screen resolution in the digital world. The more the frequency of weaving of a carpet, the patterns on the same rate is clearer. Iran knot is used. The knot in the knot of the Turkish knot is first attached to the back of the warp pair at the back.

Carpet and kilim weaving is widespread in the Aegean, Eastern Anatolia and the Mediterranean. Isparta, Milas, Demirci, Usak, Yagcibedir, Ardahan, Gordes, Kula, Kirsehir, Hereke, Ladik, Sivas, Upholstery, Fethiye, Nigde, Bunyan, Avanos, Simav, Bor, Koyunlu, Taspinar, Maden, Yahyali. silk hand woven carpets are known all over the world.

Carpet weaving in Anatolia is no longer neglected. Modern carpets are generally imported from countries such as India and Pakistan. These carpets are woven from silk, wool and bamboo.

The touching hand and the time-consuming handmade rug was woven in more oriental patterns than in the past. Nowadays plain color and low pattern hand woven carpet models is preferred.

Due to the fact that the yarns used are made of natural materials and the production is hand woven carpet pricesThe other hand woven vintage and patchwork carpets woven in our country have more favorable prices.