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Cottage Carpet

In the 70 and 80 years, there was a profession called cottage transport. People took their furniture and belongings in the houses in the winter by agreement with the shipping company at the beginning of summer and they were brought back to the summer houses after the end of the summer. With the development of airline transportation, it was possible to buy / rent cottages at long distances.

In the next phase, in the houses used in the winter, the damaged furniture and belongings were taken to the cottages. Because it was a summer house, aesthetics, the pleasure of decorating was in the second plan. The summer culture started to become widespread in the time. the city houses were given importance.

How to Choose a Summer Beach Rug

In fact, choosing the model of the summer carpet is not much different than choosing a carpet for a winter hall or kitchen. office rug aesthetics, as it is the case of the situation to follow the situation.

  • Yes, the carpets are much more exposed to water and sun than normal carpets. Hence the carpet you will buy should be resistant to fading, albeit a rug, even if it is a carpet.
  • Water resistance is the second most important issue. Summer carpet models must be resistant to water.
  • The carpet to be chosen for the summer washable There are places where freedom and comfort are. So the need for staining and contamination of the carpet is high.
  • Thin and lightweight is a must for a summer rug. It should be easily recovered while returning to the city.
  • Finally kitchen ve the aisles as is the case Non-slip based is preferable.

Summer Carpet Models

After fulfilling these conditions, you can choose a carpet that you like with the colors and colors that match your decor. Especially in light, floral, floral carpets are preferable. black rug, rug carpets, vintage carpet ve patchwork carpet These woven carpets are very stylish in the summer decoration.

Summer House Carpet Prices

Developing machine made carpet and printing technologies thanks to the price of the summer carpets are quite appropriate levels. hand woven carpetve rugs In this case the cost will be increased but you will have a long-term investment. The upper limit on the price of the carpet to be taken will determine your expectations and needs.

The cottage we have chosen for you carpet models You can review and buy online from our website with the guarantee of 100 return.

Summer Carpet Decoration Examples

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