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Although bedrooms create an impression of the least-used areas of houses, about a third of human life is spent in the bedroom due to sleep.

Bedroom Carpet Dimensions

Bedroom Rug Triple Dimensions

When choosing the suitable carpet for these areas, the first point to be considered is the size of the carpet to be selected. 2'dan use as a bedroom carpet kit.

Bedroom Carpet

In addition, in recent times, a large-size carpet from the bed, laying under the bed, is used to surround the bed.This use is increasing day by day.

Bedroom Carpet Models When selecting the carpet, the texture and softness of the carpet to be used here are very important. carpets are highly preferred.

White and cream colors, due to the relaxing effect in the bedrooms are used quite a lot. Because of the calmness and peace of the green and turquoise color carpets can be used in these places.

The use of suitable carpets creates a tranquil atmosphere in the bedroom. This is also important for a healthy sleep. Depending on the use, 2-3 should be washed once a month. Also the contribution of the used carpet to sound insulation which is essential for a good sleep cannot be denied.

Bedroom carpet prices Due to its small size, it is very suitable. The price of the weaving, the yarn used, the frequency of the weaving and the weight of the material.

You have seen a lot of carpets on our website Suitable for bedrooms sizes are available.

Bedroom Carpet

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