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Bamboo Carpet is also called bamboo silk carpet because of its softness and shine. Bamboo carpets are woven from bamboo yarn which is a natural fiber. bamboo yarn is obtained by fiber spinning.

Bamboo Carpet Features

Bamboo yarn has a natural sheen and creates a feeling of coolness. After touching due to its glossiness, additional processes such as mercerization and finishing are not required. Therefore, bamboo carpets have a texture and appearance very close to real silk carpets. The carpets produced from this yarn have a natural anti-bacterial property. Hence, the baby room can be preferred by children's room and those who are allergic to dust. The bamboo carpet models, which are produced from bamboo fiber with very beautiful absorption feature, are rich and saturated in color. When bare feet are pressed on, it gives a feeling of coolness, helps to remove the negative electricity in your body. Due to this feature, bamboo gating can be used in bedrooms. It is resistant to sunlight.

Is the bamboo carpet handy?

These carpets, which are complementary to your decoration, are useful. But they should be cared for because they are produced from a natural yarn. In bamboo carpet models, shades of color such as beige and gray are often used.

How is bamboo carpet cleaning done? Does it stain? How to delete?

  • Bamboo carpet should be swept with a vacuum cleaner on a weekly basis. The point to be noted here is the sweeping of the carpet in the direction in which the yarn is laid.
  • To remove stains on these carpets, you should intervene the stain immediately when stain occurs and you should buffer with the napkin that absorbs the stain without using chemical.
  • Again, while the bamboo carpets are being wiped, the direction of the yarn lies in the direction of the yarn, it should be wiped in one direction.
  • These carpets should be washed annually in places where hand-woven carpet washes. You can get advice from our company on this subject.

Bamboo carpet prices, These carpets are not very cheap because they are produced from a natural yarn. But it is more expensive than hand woven carpets, it is more expensive than machine carpets such as acrylic.

Bamboo is a sustainable, ecological fiber. By choosing bamboo carpets you can find your environment and contribute to protecting our world.

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