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New Salons - Balcony and Terraces

The balconies and terraces are now the new halls of houses! Outdoor furniture is also becoming more and more popular, such as indoor furniture. Many manufacturers market weather-resistant versions of their sofas, chairs and textiles. A small accessory has a huge impact: the weather-resistant outdoor carpets not only create a comfortable environment, they also color Adds the touch, your bare feet will also love them!

In fact, the carpet of the carpet kitchen There is not much difference. It is important to be resistant to the sun and water here. balcony carpet all It can be washed.It is resistant to wear and tear.

Balcony carpet prices Thanks to the evolving weaving and printing methods, it has reached quite suitable levels.

Best for your balcony carpet models and you can see the prices above.

Balcony Decoration Examples

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6 Square Carpets

6x6 carpets are the first to come into mind when it comes to the xNUMXx2 carpets.

6 square foot carpet modelsIt is suitable for living rooms, salons and large living rooms. It is especially suitable for underneath, especially under a large middle table (1x1 m or 80x120 cm). it is a suitable size for use in the middle of single room sets.

4 m4 carpets are more suitable for 2 personality dining tables.

6 m2 carpet prices are calculated by multiplying the width and height of the carpet by the price of square meter.