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Children's Rugs

Choosing the right size carpet for children's rooms is the place to start when you choose a carpet. Children usually don't have large beds, so they are normal for children's rooms. Bedrooms you should choose a smaller carpet.

Carpets, especially when the floor is parquet, which brings comfort to the rooms. But when it comes to choosing a carpet for the children's room, the selection process may seem a bit difficult. Let's be real.

How to choose a carpet for the children's room?


As a general rule, carpet on both sides of the bed and at the end of 45 to 60 cm is preferred.

You can use a rug that is fully laid underneath the bed, or you can use suitable runways at this width.

Children's rooms usually use carpets of the size 80x150 or 120 x XUMX. This depends on the size of the room and how much you want the carpet to fill the floor.


If you choose carpet in the children's bedrooms, the material you choose is really important. There are many options for this, but not all of them are best for children.

Children's play mat can be adhered to the carpet or water can be poured. Clean and wear-resistant materials should use easy.

Durable Carpet Materials For Children


Wool carpets can really resist time. Soft, natural textured and easy to clean. They are often mixed with other fibers to make them resistant to stains. So it's a good option for your scattered little son or daughter. When you open a new wool carpet for the first time, some hair will fall out, but after it has been settled and swept a few times, the spill will stop.


Cotton carpets are thin and light options. They are usually recyclable, so if your little child accidentally causes a stubborn stain, you always have the chance to remove the stain. Because they're thin, you can't trust these carpets as a place where they want to go to read their favorite books, but they're great for playing with cars and action figures, because they provide a solid carpet floor.


Polyester carpets are the most basic option for most parents. Easy to transport, easy to clean, cost effective and medium thickness. They are produced in a wide variety of patterns and colors. When choosing polyester carpets, remember to pay for what you pay.

Materials not suitable for children's room

For children's bedrooms and playrooms plush and artificial furs. These materials are not easy to clean and difficult to maintain.

When choosing a nursery rug, care should be taken to ensure that the carpet is antibacterial. In particular, the occurrence of diseases such as asthma that starts at a young age is prevented in large quantities.

One of the important issues when choosing a carpet for the children's room is the carpet model.

For boys, it is preferable to choose a licensed, car or sailor-themed model. However, it should be kept in mind that children can grow up very quickly and they can get tired of themed carpets with pattern. can be light blue, gray, and beige.

When choosing girls' carpets, carpets in plain and light colors can be preferred. Pink, white and cream colors can be preferred.

Children's carpet prices They are affordable, usually small in size.

You can find the most suitable carpet models for your children with the most valuable assets on our website.

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