4 Square Meter Carpet

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4 Square Meter Carpet - Most Popular Dimension

Since Apex Carpet is full of 1995 since it was founded, it has always been intertwined with technology.It has become active in 1996 in our first web site.You are in online communication with our customers in the carpet industry for about a quarter century. ,,4 square meter carpet dimensions What is it?

In fact, the answer to this question is quite simple and the reason for this question is that all of the different sized carpets in the market are similar to 4m2 carpets. Width x Height = Carpet Square Meters can be formulated with.

But now, let's take a look at the different carpet sizes available;

  • 150x230 = 3.45 m2
  • 160x230 = 3.68 m2
  • 170x240 = 4.08 m2

As you can see, the differences in 10 are almost as much as 20 in the total carpet square meter. These dimensions are shaped in time by customer demands and technical constraints.

4x2 cm is the closest dimension to the size of the 170 m240.

So, the 4 m2 carpet should come to our minds with the current 160x230 cm size.

This situation that confuses people, 4 m2 carpet prices It is also valid when calculating.

The price of carpet = The actual m2 of the carpet is X Square Meter price.

This size is a size that can be found in most colors and patterns. The physical and physical carpet stores keep this measure in stock. Because 4 m2 is the most used and sold measure. 6 m2 4 m2 is available without exception. Approximately half of all carpet sales 4 m2 carpet models creates.

A carpet of the size 4 m2 can be used in all of the following areas.

You can find the size of 4m2 in all our carpet models we offer for sale as Apex.

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